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I was facing a serious sexual assault allegation in London Court and was in a very difficult situation. I sought legal advice from Law Place in Toronto and Nasif offered me a clear and concise plan of action. Despite the Crown Prosecutor offering a conditional discharge with a plea, I went against it and we went to trial. I was amazed by Edmund and Nasif's knowledge and expertise, as well as their detailed strategy. I was ultimately found not guilty and the charges were dismissed. I highly recommend these criminal defense lawyers for anyone facing serious criminal charges in Ontario.

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I was desperate and unsure of what to do when I was charged with Assault with a Weapon in North York. I was facing a long and difficult road ahead until I contacted these guys. Their knowledge and experience were instrumental in helping me to resolve the situation. After a Judicial Pre-Trial, I was able to get the charges withdrawn by way of a Peacebond - something I never thought would be possible. I highly recommend Yasmine & Nasif at LawPlace - they are the best!


I was charged with assault, choking and uttering threats by my wife, and mother of my kids in Etobicoke. I kept stating my innocence from the very beginning. I did the Pre-Trials by myself and was offered a discharge, but I would have to plead guilty. I knew I was not guilty. I spoke to many people and was told this is a good deal and that I should just go with it. Nasif believed in my innocence and agreed to fight for me. Even though it was supposed to be a 1-day trial, it ended up being 4 days. But thank god the truth came out and I was proven innocent. I recommend Nasif and his colleagues


I was facing serious DUI, Impaired Driving causing collision charge in Brampton. The prosecutor was seeking long jail time. Ganesh and Nasif helped me fight this case and at trial argued that my constitutional rights were violated by police by the way they took samples from me. Ultimately I did not have jail and avoided serious charges. Also, thanks to Edwin for all his preparation work. I strongly recommend LawPlace.

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